You’re not Robinson Crusoe but it’s as close as it’ll get

GETTING away from it all has just been taken to a new level.

A European travel company has come up with the ultimate getaway: being marooned for a week on an island.

The Spanish travel company, giving holidaymakers a choice of 16 islands to be dropped off on, provides fishing equipment and machetes - and you can even build your own shelter "for the full castaway experience".

For those less skilled in jungle survival, there is a "comfort mode" offering buffet meals in modern bungalows.

Spanish company Docastaway offers weeklong stays on remote beaches where holiday makers are surrounded by nothing but jungle and water.

However, living like Robinson Crusoe does not come cheap. Seven days of remote island life for two people costs about $1800 - and that does not include flights, the Daily Mail reports.

Each island is limited to one single client or couple at one time, to guarantee the exclusiveness and maximum isolation.

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