You can always try a little kindness

THE sight of shoppers fighting in supermarket aisles over toilet paper could make you think tough times bringing out the best in people was a myth, like the honesty of bankers.

Psychologists agree the desire to hoard toilet paper is totally irrational, but say it serves a purpose. In a world where events have totally disempowered average punters, they can buy an illusion of control knowing they have a mountain of poo ticket in their cupboards.


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But it seems the better angels of our natures can fight their way clear of the piles of surplus dunny rolls.

Woolworths revealed that for some the frenzy had passed and left them feeling sick in the tummy in a way that not even a kilometre of three-ply could fix.

But in a bewildering turn of events, when people tried to return a few rolls to the bare shelves, the supermarket giant turned them away.

Away from corporate HQ and the TV cameras and lights, people are showing kindness and resilience that will be the first relief for coronavirus.

One Sydney householder, concerned the effect of a lack of loo paper might have, has been hanging a couple of rolls on the fence with a message for passers-by to help themselves.

It helps in more ways than the bleeding obvious.

But we should never miss the chance to show a little kindness: that always makes you feel better.

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