SAY AGAIN: Some wild excuses come out of people when they’re facing court.
SAY AGAIN: Some wild excuses come out of people when they’re facing court.

Worst excuses from law breakers at Gatton court

IF YOU can't keep yourself out of trouble, you better try and not get caught.

If that doesn't work, your only lifeline is a good excuse.

Gatton Magistrates Court is a think tank when it comes to excuses, many of which could improve with a little workshopping.

Here is a list of the region's funniest excuses or reasons for committing crimes.


EXCUSE: Smashed car into a butcher shop 10 times because he was bored.

A teenager cited boredom as the reason he drove to a shop in Plainland and smashed his car into it repeatedly for 45 minutes.

Marc Dance, 18, faced Gatton Magistrates Court on a charge of wilful damage.

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EXCUSE: Was growing marijuana to dabble in science.

After he found a marijuana seed, Shai Simpson, 26, planted it and devised a plan.

Charged with drug production, the self-proclaimed scientist told Gatton Magistrates Court he was planning to make CBD oil.

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EXCUSE: Was begged by friends for a lift home after a night out

Matthew Bardsley had already taken the courtesy bus home for the night when his buddies rang asking him to drive out and pick them up.

Folding under pressure, the 22-year-old headed out to get them.

He was pointed out by a security guard and nabbed by police for drink driving.

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EXCUSE: Was 'most sober' in group of friends so decided to drive

It seemed Tamara Bosworth and her buddy were playing by the rules by avoiding drink driving but, in allocating Bosworth designated driver, they ran into more trouble.

Bosworth was pulled over the morning after the Mulgowie Bullride leaving the venue and was found to be driving on a suspended license.

She told police she was driving because she was the "most sober" of the pair.

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EXCUSE: Marijuana plants are actually just tomato plants

He couldn't fool police but he sure tried.

When they searched his Laidley property, Kevin Morris-Barrie, told police the marijuana plants they found were, in fact, tomato plants growing "big f---ing red ones".

The iconic leaves gave Morris-Barrie away and the 37 faced court on five charges.

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EXCUSE: Watched UFC before running across road to attack neighbour's car

Watching the UFC can inspire people to do all sorts of things but, for one Gatton man, it was all the encouragement he needed to leave his home, run across the street and kick his neighbour's car.

Police were called.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard Stephen Graham, 30, had left a dent in the car where he had kicked.

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EXCUSE: Took up meth to kick a heroin addiction

While attempting to kiss a heroin addiction goodbye is a noble goal, Alexander Redman, 45, missed the point when he replaced it with meth.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard Redman was found with meth in his pocket, which he freely admitted to police.

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EXCUSE: Was going to get around to renewing his license once he went overseas

His trip to Sri Lanka didn't come fast enough for Charintha Kurupitage, who had grand plans of renewing his license once he arrived.

In the meantime, the 26-year-old student got behind the wheel, assuming he could slide under the radar.

He was caught driving without a license not just once but twice.

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