Working out can get dull unless you have a new challenge, or some visual distraction.
Working out can get dull unless you have a new challenge, or some visual distraction. Gabriel Moisa

Peak your interest in exercise with latest workout trends

EXERCISING can get dull unless you keep changing things.

And what better way to do that than to get in on the latest exercise trend.

Ask at your local health club, or community centre, about fitness opportunities that could help you improve your health, appearance and energy.

Here's some of what's hot:

Small personal training groups

If you can't afford your own personal trainer, do what others are doing.

Get a small group of friends together and split the cost.

Working out with friends at your local park is on-trend.

What's more, you can organise it to suit everybody, rather than have to stick to a gym timetable or wait in line.

You may find a recommendation for a trainer through friends, or at your fitness centre.

Streamed fitness

Everyone's so tech-savvy these days so what about turning to the web to find the latest and greatest workout?

Streaming workouts with an online subscription service solves the problem of fitness boredom.

Check out or for a great selection of workout material.

Barre workouts

Ballet-inspired barre class studios are popping up everywhere in the United States.

Expect to see the trend here soon or try a barre workout DVD at home.

Barre workouts are great for building lithe muscle and of course, you can always pretend you are an up and coming ballerina.

Great for those of us who didn't get to wear tutus when we were young.

Heavy weights for women

More women are seeing the benefits of strength training and overcoming their fear about lifting heavier weights.

Weight training can build muscle, burn fat, and strengthen bones.

However, make sure you get good instruction in technique, to avoid injury.


This Les Mills program is 30 minutes of revolutionary core training.

Expect to work out hard, in a short time period, for maximum results.

A word of warning: this class is not for sissies.

Yoga dance

This is yoga moves, or asanas, choreographed to music.

Practitioners say the benefits are that yogis have more opportunity to get in the flow.

Of course, working out to your favourite music, or even a classical Indian piece, also increases motivation.

Yoga to No Doubt or Katy Perry? All right!

Pole dancing

Still a hot trend with women who want more energy, leaner muscles, and a sexy, athletic workout.

Not for shrinking violets but good for anyone who wants to come out of their shell.

You might learn a few moves you can practice at home.

Plyometric training

One of the biggest trends, made hot by fitness stars like Shaun T.

Fans say that as we age, working on power production is sometimes a better way to preserve and build lean body mass than traditional weight training.

Think squat jumps, push ups and the dreaded burpee.

Plyometrics were developed by Soviet bloc scientists during the Cold War. Need we say more?

Martial arts

Self defence-style exercise is back with gym classes such as Les Mills' BodyCombat on offer and studios doing jujitsu or karate mushrooming.

This type of exercise builds self confidence as well as muscle and cardiovascular fitness and burns fat fast.

Barefoot running

Barefoot running is gaining a new following.

The best place to practise it - on the beach.


Still going strong

  • Zumba
  • Sh'Bam
  • Boxing
  • Power Punch
  • Body Step
  • Body Attack
  • Body Balance


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