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Woman found with amnesia in California could be Australian

A WOMAN who was found on a street corner in California and who was subsequently diagnosed with cancer and amnesia, has turned to social media in an attempt to find her family - fearful she may die before she reconnects with them.

The woman, identified only as "Sam" and who appears to have to Australian or British accent, appears on a Facebook page that has been created to try and tell her story and locate any family members.

"It has been a bit over three weeks that I have been out of the hospital and there have been no leads by the authorities of finding my family," the posting says

"My friends that I have made believe it is time to use the internet ourselves to see if we can find my family or friends."

The woman's ordeal began on February 1 in a coastal community in San Diego County, KTLA 5 reported.

Officers and firefighters responded that day to a woman in need of medical assistance, according to Carlsbad Police Department Lt Marc Reno confirmed. She was barely conscious conscious when she was found.

The FBI subsequently became involved in the case, to publicise information and seek information about the woman, at the request of local law-enforcement officials, according to Darrell Foxworth, a spokesman for the agency.

A page on Interpol's missing persons website includes a photo of the woman, apparently in a hospital bed, and a physical description of her.

She was befriended by doctors, nurses and clergy at the facility, where she awoke speaking in an accent that sounded British or Australian, the Facebook post said.

"All of my initial dreams had to do with lap pool swimming in a salt water pool in Perth, then Icebergs in New South Wales in Cairns in

Queensland and Byron Bay," Sam stated, referring to cities in Australia. "I also had many dreams of living in Hawaii."

Doctors diagnosed her with retro amnesia and found two tumours, one of which had been growing for five years, in her ovaries, Sam wrote, adding that she underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove the growths.

"My prognosis is not good and I pray my family will be found soon," she said.

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