Pregnant woman forced into cavity search in meth madness

A PREGNANT woman was forced to endure an illegal cavity search after her meth-addled friends accused her of stealing $1200 and hiding it in her anus.

The internal inspection was part of a series of "bizarre" events that took place when the woman visited her friends Janelle Esther Robinson and Graham Shawn Cleary at their Ipswich apartment.

After the trio took methylamphetamine together, Cleary accused the 27-year-old pregnant woman of stealing $1200 from him and concealing it in her body.

The woman denied the accusations and was beaten by Robinson, who struck her multiple times with a metal pole that had a steak knife duct-taped to the end of it.

The victim told Robinson she was 28 weeks pregnant. Robinson, 45, grabbed some scissors and threatened to cut her baby out.

During the assault, Cleary, 41, encouraged Robinson's behaviour.

Robinson cut the victim on the legs with the scissors and returned to hitting her with the pole.

Robinson then bit the victim on the arm.

The bite mark started to bleed, even though Robinson had no teeth.

Still convinced the victim had internally stashed the money, Robinson ordered the woman to go into a room with her for a cavity search.

The woman obeyed against her will and showed Robinson nothing was inside her body.

Following the examination, Robinson took out the pole and started hitting the victim again.

After about six hours, the victim eventually escaped the apartment by climbing down the back veranda and notified police about the incident.

At Ipswich District Court, Robinson and Cleary each pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including assault occasioning bodily harm while armed in company, and common assault.

Robinson was additionally charged with sexual assault.

Judge Greg Koppenol said the offending took place on December 18.

Before they were brought into court, Robinson and Cleary had spent 329 days in jail awaiting their sentence.

Judge Koppenol noted that the pair had "extensive" criminal histories and described their most recent offending as "stupid, drug-fueled behaviour".

"This was a disgraceful series of acts," he told Robinson and Cleary.

"You both went completely over the top.

"People who are heavily affected by drugs sometimes act in remarkably bizarre and violent ways - and that's what you did."

Judge Koppenol said the victim did not suffer any major injuries but sustained multiple bruising, a bite mark and some cuts.

For all charges, Cleary was sentenced to two years and six months in jail and released on parole.

Robinson was sentenced to three years in jail and also released on parole.

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