Williamson team received more than $100,000 during election

THE Greg Williamson Alliance team, who were formed to run in March local government election, received $103,505 in gifts during the election campaign.

Mayor Greg Williamson and councillors Amanda Camm, Karen May, Ross Gee, Ayril Paton, Fran Fordham were part of the team.

The gifts were revealed as part of a compulsory disclosure to the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

A large amount of the money comes from the councillors themselves or other individuals.

There is also money donated from places such as DE Investments, who gave $1000.

According to the disclosure return Skua Investments (G Smith) donated $4800.

On March 5, Cr Williamson said we had got funds in from a range of people but I have never picked up the phone to any developer or ever asked for money from anybody.

"Other than our own donations, our largest donations have come from family members," he said.

"I have a national role in a large defence organisation and my reputation is extremely important to me, so I'm not going to do anything to risk my reputation."

All current councillors except for Justin Englert have made their disclosures to the ECQ.

The deadline for disclosure is this Monday.

Individual councillors' gifts:

Martin Bella - $3000 in gifts and a $20,000 loan.

Gifts of $1000 from Richard Milne, David Curtin and Anton Christensen

Loan of $20,000 from Anton Christensen

This went to the Your Solutions Mackay team which included Justin Englert.

Justin Englert - not submitted yet

Amanda Camm - $0

Kevin Casey - $0

Fran Fordham - $2500 in gifts from The Services Union

Ross Gee- $0

Laurence Bonaventura - $0

Karen May - $0

Ayril Paton - $1500 of gifts from AR and JM Paton

Ross Walker - $0

Greg Williamson - $0

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