Wild dogs attack sheep

A MAN has had his retirement dreams shattered after his stud sheep were mauled to death by packs of wild dogs.

But what angers Bruce Zeller more is that he wasn’t able to adequately protect his animals.

The Lockyer Waters resident is now considering taking legal action against his council for setting up traps that did “nothing” to protect his expensive south-African sheep from a pack of about six wild dogs.

Mr Zeller said he has lost thousands of dollars in stock and his future retirement plan destroyed because of the wild dogs that roamed his property.

“The damage has been done. They put me out of business, but I want them to do something to stop the devastation,” Mr Zeller said.

He said he called council several times over several months to inform them of the region’s “out-of-control” dog problem.

“Each time I called them someone from council came out and set up a trap, but the traps did nothing,” he said.

“They (the dogs) still killed almost everything I had. All I’ve got left is a $13,000 stud ram; that’s it.

“What angers me the most is that I have lost everything because the traps did nothing, and I wasn’t allowed to set up poison or shoot them,” he said.

Mr Zeller has since left his 19-hectare property and moved to Brisbane, but before he considers selling the property he has called home for the past 16 years he wants council to do something to control wild dogs.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council director of Community Services Brad Domrow said he sympathised with anyone who loses stock.

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