Wife's family knew her husband had affair with her mum

When Tanya learned that her husband had slept with one of her old friends, she was utterly devastated.

The Aussie mum turned to her own mother for support, leaning on her as she struggled to put her life back together.

It was with her mum's help that Tanya was finally able to forgive her husband for the cheating- which makes the latest betrayal all the more heartbreaking.

The 27-year-old recently learned that this time that her husband-of-six-years has been cheating with her mum.

"It kind of messed me up," the mum-of-one said on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday.

Tanya went on to say that she had initially become suspicious when her "Prince Charming" husband began disappearing at odd times.

But the truth was worse than Tanya could have imagined - with her husband sleeping with her mum behind her back.

When Tanya confronted him, he blamed her mum for the whole thing.

So desperate for the truth, Tanya called her mum.

But when they spoke on the phone, instead of coming clean about the affair, Tanya said her mum "basically got all defensive".

"She blamed everything on him and called me a lot of names.," Tanya said.

"She didn't answer the question. She didn't confirm it or deny it."

With nowhere else to turn, Tanya started asking other family members about the cheating.

Just when she didn't think her world could crumble anymore - she discovered that her entire family had known about the affair.

"My mum was telling them about it, she told them it was all him," Tanya said.

"My family confirmed my gut instinct.

"There were so many red flags and I just couldn't take it anymore.

"I left him a week ago. It was a build-up. I was naive and trusting."

"We were at a family BBQ and we were alone in the corridor"
Shockingly, it seems that Tanya's story is more common than you would think.

Countless callers contacted the show with their own stories of unfaithful partners cheating with family members.

"My mother-in-law makes a lot of inappropriate comments about liking my body to me in front of her daughter, who's my wife," one caller said.

"We were at a family BBQ, we were alone in the corridor, and she lifted her knee and sort of felt my package, and she looked at me like 'oh wow'.

"I walked away and told my wife what happened. I just keep my distance now."

Another caller had a friend whose boyfriend cheated on her, when they were both 18, with her mum.

The mum fell pregnant and has been with her daughter's ex ever since.

Now that's an awkward family Christmas!!

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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