Why did it take so long to find Riley?


RILEY Commins' family are simply rejoicing he has been found alive and safe - but soon they will be looking for answers.

Riley was last heard from in London on May 30.

The family hit the alert button when he never arrived at Brisbane airport on his pre-booked home flight on Thursday, June 2.

They contacted police, filed a missing persons and were put on to a case manager at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Sister, Natalie, told how they were waiting to hear from police in London.

Dad, Tony, ended up flying over there to speed up the search for answers.

Within hours it paid off.


Mr Commins' and DFAT phoned the family at 1am on Tuesday morning with the good news he had been found in a hospital and he was "ok".

Natalie said the family still did not know what happened to Riley as they only had a limited conversation in the middle of the night.

They were hoping to get more answers later in the day.

"My dad was absolutely exhausted, but we do know Riley is okay," Natalie said.

"We don't know how he got to hospital or what the problem is and we don't have details why it took so long to find him.

"It is all very hazy.

"He has been in hospital since June 1. It would have been nice if we could have found out and avoided the whole search.

"My dad will stay with him till he comes home. My brother doesn't know yet there has been a massive search.

"We are really happy he is there. We were preparing for the worst last night.

"We were due to go on the Morning Show on television appealing for information, but it is still a bit of a shock.

"We would like to thank the community for helping us find him. Hopefully he will be back in Australia soon.

"We will celebrate first and then we will look into the reasons behind the delay."



RILEY Commins' Caloundra family received the best early morning phone call they could have hoped for, the missing 23-year-old USC graduate had been found.

Sister Natalie said her father, Tony, who traveled to London on Monday in the search for his son had called first advising he was "ok", but he was in hospital

Then the Australian High Commission phoned too confirming the good news.

Riley Commins.
Riley Commins. Supplied Facebook



"It's been so good, we are very happy," Natalie said.

"At this stage we have such little detail."


EARLIER: A WORLDWIDE search has helped find University of the Sunshine Coast business graduate Riley Commins.

The graduate was due to return home to the Coast on Thursday last week, after heading to Europe for a post-graduation holiday.

His mother Janelle Griffiths and girlfriend Reanna Bench waited for him to arrive at the airport.

When he never appeared, a massive search was launched.

Almost 2000 people followed the Help Find Riley Commins Facebook page in the weeks since.

Now we believe Mr Commins is safe.

A post on the Facebook page said he is "apparently OK".

"We don't have the details but his Dad is on his way to see him," it reads.

"It means so much to have everyone share this page and support Riley, we will never be able to repay everyone!"

Frantic search to find missing Riley Commins

A WORLD-WIDE search has been launched to help find missing University of the Sunshine Coast Business Graduate, Riley Commins.

Riley, 23, was due to return to his Caloundra home from London last Thursday, June 3, after a month-long graduation celebratory holiday.

His mum Janelle Griffiths was waiting for him at the airport with his girlfriend Reanna Bench.

But he never arrived.

The last the family and friends had heard from him was on Monday, May 30, when he told them how he was looking forward to getting home and seeing everyone again.

His last card transaction history at the Yotel Heathrow Airport on the Monday, the day before he was due to fly home.

Police have yet to confirm if it was Riley who used the card.

Ms Griffiths sat at the Brisbane airport for two hours waiting for her son who never arrived.

She had a "mother's intuition" something was wrong before the plane landed.

"I hadn't heard from his since Monday and I wondered why," Ms Griffiths said.

Riley had shared his flight details with his mum and told her how much he was looking forward to getting home.


Missing Caloundra man Riley Commins failed to board his flight home from London last week.
Missing Caloundra man Riley Commins failed to board his flight home from London last week.

She thought he would contact her en-route from Korea, but he never did.

"I hoped everything was all right and he just couldn't get to us," she said.

When Riley didn't turn up at the airport, Ms Griffiths went to police who contacted the Australian Federal Police and it was confirmed Riley wasn't on the flight.

That night, Riley's father Tony Commins filed a missing person's report in his home town of Alice Springs and the family have been in contact with Australian government agencies to initiate the search for their son.

Riley's sister Natalie said they hadn't received any word from London police as to how the investigation was going.

But Mr Commins was due to arrive in London yesterday (June 6) to search for answers.

The family has created a Facebook page, Help find Riley Commins, to get the world to help find their much-loved son.

*The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has advised it is working with Australian and United Kingdom police authorities in the search.

"DFAT is providing consular assistance to the man's family. Due to our Privacy Act obligations, we will not provide further comment," a spokeswoman said.

*This was added after the first story went to publication.

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