Who’s who in the 2009 Sprints?

ONCE again, there are four Championships to be contested at the K & R Plumbing Supplies Gatton Street Sprints.

The Hydraulink Toowoomba Championship Cup for Road Registered Vehicles will be contested by vehicles ranging from Max Parnell’s sleek 1957 Jaguar to Stuart Elphinston’s glossy 2004 Holden Monaro.

The small but mighty 1275cc engine of the Devine Mini will prove that grunt is not everything, no matter how much smoke comes from Doug Swan’s 7500cc Pontiac Firebird.

Remove the registration plate and a similar range of vehicles come out to contest the Amalgamated Pest Control Championship Cup for Unregistered Vehicles.

There’s no similarity under the bonnet.

Every extra cc has been wrung out of the motor with every non-street legal performance enhancer strategy in play.

Rod Gray and Cameron Freeman are back in their 1975 Datsun Coupe.

Riding on their bumper bar is Cec Morgan in his 1973 Ford Escort.

The contest between Datsun and Ford will be hot with Peter Cusato’s 1975 Ford Escort and Brian Wright’s 1985 Datsun 1200 Ute pushed to their limits.

All up there are 14 Datsuns against 15 Fords with most contesting the lower cc classes.

As the cc’s increase, the Holdens come out to play. Steve Voight has jumped ship from Ford this year and will be scorching the track in his ex-Jack Daniels 2004 VZ Holden Commodore Supercar, previously driven by Shane Price.

Don’t let the calm K & R Plumbing White exterior fool you.

This car’s still an awesome weapon, with Steve reliving his Bathurst moments at its wheel.

Another Ford patriot to defect is Michael de Winter, who will be bringing his 1984 VK Commodore.

The regular Holden faces of John Schmocker, John Connell, John Owens, John Mears, John Gilbert and Warren Gersekowski are lining up again to contest the Unregistered Cup.

After the bulk of the Commodores, it’s time for the greyhounds of the track.

Sleek but lethal, the Westfields will vie for the Peter Cusato Transport Sports Car Championship Cup.

This will be a Sports Car field with a huge difference, with the MG Car Club represented by 14 members.

Mark Crespan and Paul Buccini will compete in the 1967 Ford Mongrel. You have to see it and hear it to believe it.

Guy Bedington is the hot favourite for this Cup as he dusts off his Ultima GTR Sportscar.

Rare as hen’s teeth, this is a major opportunity for Lockyer Valley and Downs motorsport enthusiasts to witness the Ultima in action.

Last but not least are the missiles contesting the Plastamasta All Wheel Drive Championship Cup.

A mixture of Subarus, Celicas and Mitsubishi Evos will prove hot contenders.

Craig Weston’s Nissan Skyline will be under pressure to evoke the thrill of past Nissan Skylines driver by Outright winners Russell Newman, Mark Berry and Brad Bottcher.

Neil Macleod will zoom around the track in his Macbusa, but first off the mark and opening the 11th K & R Plumbing Supplies Gatton Street Sprints will be Sara Couper in the Blue Light Association VY Holden Commodore.

To take a glimpse at these beastly beauties, come along to the Street Sprints.

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