Which Wright candidate you should vote for

IN THE lead up to the Federal Election, we have contacted the Wright candidates to ask them for their thoughts on topical issues in our area.

Each candidate was given the same questions and the same deadline, however some candidates did not respond at all or by the required deadline.

This week, the questions are:

1. What do you believe is the major issue facing the electorate of Wright?

2. Why do you believe you are the best person to represent the electorate?

3. What will be your key goal for the electorate should you be elected?

Shannon Girard - Greens


Shannon Girard, Greens candidate, Wright.
Shannon Girard, Greens candidate, Wright. Contributed

Major issues

THE major parties have failed to tackle the community's rising cost of living concerns such as health and education, housing, electricity, childcare and the lack of local job opportunities.

The Greens, with the help of Larissa Waters in the Senate, have a real plan to tackle climate change and create up to 50,000 renewable energy jobs in Queensland. I'll fight for universal health care that includes dental and mental health.

Why you?

I WON'T take the people of Wright for granted.

If voted in, I will listen to, and act for all the communities in Wright. I know what it's like to live in the real world and the pressures we face everyday. With the help of the Greens, and Larissa Waters in the Senate, I believe we can create a future for all of us, not just the few wealthy corporate donors that have there own interests.

Key goals

REDUCE cost of living expenses by allowing everyone access to free TAFE and university to further their education and skills.

We have a renewable energy plan that will not only reduce the cost of electricity by up to $600 a year, but will also create up to 50,000 job in Queensland, and these will be jobs for people in the Wright electorate. We'll also provide free, fully funded child care.

Innes Larkin - Independent


Innes Larkin, Independent.
Innes Larkin, Independent. Contributed

Major issues

THE top issue is climate change and its effect of our ability to produce food and fibre. Extreme droughts over summer, lack of water in streams and dams, unique storms and hail wiping out crops, catastrophic fire seasons that are getting longer, and drier. We need to act on this issue now so our environment continues to sustain food production and our children and their children can continue to live on the land.

Why you?

I AM NOT afraid of hard work, as a mountain guide I spend 12 hours helping people to achieve a lifetime accomplishment, then spend my evening often running activities for the lodge.

I am the only independent that is not tied to party lines, I choose to represent you, and my principles mean I will be inclusive, a voice for the "little person", and fight to make government a service for the people.

Key goals

A KEY goal is to collect what is due without fear or favour and spend it on nation building infrastructure and services.

I want a parliament controlled by the voice of the people not corporate donations.

I will work to make funding for political parties immediately transparent and limit corporate donations to increase the communities trust in the institution, so that decisions will be made by thoughtful people not people who want donations.

Rod Smith - Conservative National


Rodney Smith, Conservative National Party.
Rodney Smith, Conservative National Party. Contributed

Main issues

WRIGHT is a large, diverse electorate that is close to Brisbane but has been neglected due to the fact that it is seen as 'safe' for the LNP so they don't have to do anything much to keep it. Poor quality services, lack of public transport, lack of urgency by all levels of government to address problems has led to an electorate suffering from anxiety and despair.

Businesses, youth, elderly, the poor are all struggling while politicians and bureaucrats hide behind their silent number phones and keyboards.

Why you?

I BELIEVE I am the right person for Wright as I have been campaigning continually in Wright since 2015 with the meetings at Mt Tamborine, Jimboomba, Beaudesert, Veresdale, Kalbar, Laidley and Boonah.

I know the issues from Withcott down to the suburban areas closer to the coast.

Key Goals

MY MAIN goal would be that government would become an asset, not an expensive liability that just takes a lot and gives little back.

The greatest need in Wright is to foster a feeling of optimism and hope and to bring government to heel. Most government bodies and officials that the public comes in contact with like ATO, Centrelink, ABC, law enforcement, academia, bureaucracy are not elected and are operating with impunity.

Matthew Tomlinson - Katter's Australia Party


Matthew Tomlinson, Katter's Australia Party (KAP), candidate for Wright.
Matthew Tomlinson, Katter's Australia Party (KAP), candidate for Wright. Contributed

Major issues

WRIGHT has an incredible lifestyle appeal, and with that appeal comes increasing pressures on housing, infrastructure and jobs.

With the urban sprawl encroaching, I believe it's vital to protect the essential food producing regions like the Lockyer Valley, without which we will be subjected to importing lower quality food with increased risks of disease and pests introduced.

Why you?

I CAN offer a considerate and practical response to the many issues our electorate faces, and with a strong agricultural background I understand the intricate issues affecting the everyday people who are involved with feeding the nation.

My passion for the position lies in creating a prosperous region, as I'm a firm believer in a strong community creates a strong nation.

Key goals

WITH growing debts, Australia is on the brink of financial trouble.

I believe the future of prosperity is in a variety of projects, starting with increasing our agricultural sector into position as a global food and fibre superpower.

To increase that output, regions need drought-proofing with the Bradfield Scheme creation essential to this as well as linking SEQ's dams and utilising available recycled water to boost water supply where suitable.

Scott Buchholz - Liberal National Party


Scott Buchholz, LNP candidate, Wright
Scott Buchholz, LNP candidate, Wright David Foote

Major issues

KEEPING the economy strong. A strong economy means more local jobs and better opportunities. With a strong economy and responsible budget management, we can invest in better roads, transport, education and health. We can also address the cost of living, provide assistance to our farmers, and invest in water security projects.

Why you?

I HAVE a proven track record of delivering. I love this region and the people. I am part of the Liberal National Government, which is delivering a stronger economy and better local services and infrastructure. Labor does not understand local families in our towns and communities, or the challenges of drought and rising farming costs. Independents and minor parties make big claims, but they cannot deliver.

Key goals

THERE are three key items to deliver.

1. Improving roads and transport, from Withcott to Hatton Vale.

2. Delivering cost of living relief for families, individuals, community groups and small businesses.

3. Guaranteeing funding for better local education, health and community services. All of this is only possible with a strong economy. That is why the choice at this election is so important.

Did not respond

David Wright - United Australia Party

Pam McCreadie - Labor

Chris O'Callaghan - PHON

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