Struggle Street: Why did Palaszczuk really say no?

WHY is Annastacia Palaszczuk scared of having Struggle Street filmed in her south Brisbane seat of Inala?

Yesterday the Premier got chins wagging when she invited the ABC out to her electorate and said: "Struggle Street is not happening. It is not happening here, it is not happening in Queensland."

The SBS series was previously filmed in Mt Druitt in Western Sydney where it shone a light on welfare dependency and disadvantage in one of the country's toughest areas.

Now that the Queensland equivalent is in the works we have the Premier and Brisbane Mayor Graham Quirk saying they will do everything in their power to ensure the show isn't filmed in their backyards.

Inala has been touted as the first choice of location. 

This only leaves me wondering what exactly our humble leaders are worried the show may turn up.

Ms Palaszczuk said: "I don't want anyone picking out a few little things and blowing it out of proportion and allowing the rest of Australia to have a laugh."

Having watched the Mt Druitt episodes I'm not sure there were many people laughing when a heavily pregnant woman smoked a bong, or when they watched a family being torn apart by a son's ice dependency. 

Perhaps the real reason Ms Palaszczuk is concerned is that the ABS' Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas 2011 Census data found Inala was in bottom two per cent of the country in terms of disadvantage.

High unemployment, low average incomes and high crime rates are just a few of the problems people in the area literally "struggle" with.

And all this despite more than 20 years under the leadership of the Palaszczuk family - Annastacia's father Henry was the member for Inala for 14 years before his daughter's ten year rule started in 2006.

Annastacia Palaszczuk is the real reason SBS is not welcome in your seat that you're scared what they may find out? 

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