'Wghaaaaaa': I love you Dad

Tani du Toit.
Tani du Toit.

IT'S Father's Day this Sunday so I thought I'd let our daughter do the talking. She's five months old so I'll translate.

Wghaaaaaa: Dad,

Waahhghghaaaa: When I see you, my arms and legs start to jiggle really fast and I make funny noises and it's because I really like you.

Waaawaaawawa: When you're away, usually at work, I miss you very much. Mum is fun but you are funner and I can see things from way up there when you put me in the sling. Mum says to say thank you for working so hard and never taking your frustration and tiredness out on anyone at home.

Brrrmmaaanbbbrrrr: I really like it when you give me a bath. I think mum likes it too because I can hear the kettle going as soon as I'm wet.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr: I remember when I was still in mum's tummy you would make your special sound on her belly for me to hear. I hope you never forget how to make that sound because when I hear it I remember when it was you started to love me.

Whhhaggagawahahaaawaa? I hear mum telling other people how wonderful you are to her and how much you do for her, especially since I've been born. She says you are her soulmate. What's that?

Ggrrawawaggagarraaa: Mum says you chose my name Jade because your eyes go a jade colour. That makes me feel very special and close to you. 

Haaaaaagghgggaaaaahaaaha: I think you are hilarious especially when you stick your tongue out and pull your face funny. You make me chuckle like no one else does.

Laabbawhgagagaga: When I say my first word I am going to try and say your name but I can't promise anything because mum's the one with the food.

Gggagghaawwaaawww: On Sunday we were having a sleep on the bed and I woke up, and I got scared but then I saw you. I stared at your face for a very long time and then put my hand on your arm and I fell asleep again. I think you have a very big head dad but mum says it's because you're smart. And your strong hairy arms make me feel very safe.

PS: Mum saw all this if you think I'm making it up.

Ggghhhaawawawaaaaggghhaa: Mum says to tell you this but I don't know what she is on about! She says that one day when I'm grown up and have attitude that I'll still need you just like I do now.  So please don't forget I will always be your little girl and you will always be my big strong dad, no matter how old I am.

Wwwaaaawawaggghhhhhaawawawawawawaggaawawaxoxox: You are awesome.  I love you with all of my heart. I hope you are proud of me. Happy Father's day, daddy. Hugs and kisses, Jade.

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