VIDEO captured by Animal Liberation Queensland shows a horse collapse and die in front of thousands of spectators at the Stanthorpe Rodeo.

ALQ rodeo campaign director Gayle D'Arcy filmed the incident Saturday night and said the horse was the ninth animal to die in a Queensland rodeo in the past 18 months.

"The industry does not report animal deaths and we only get to about 10 per cent of events so the numbers are probably a lot higher," Ms D'Arcy said.

The video shows the horse collapsing moments after it leaves the rodeo chute.

Participants rush to its side before it is moved away on a fence panel.

A horse died at the Stanthorpe Rodeo.
A horse died at the Stanthorpe Rodeo.

Ms D'Arcy was concerned with how organisers responded in the initial moments.

"The animal was moved out of the arena, but it did not appear as though it had been checked by a vet," she said.

"It looked like it was dead, but I would think that should be up to a vet to determine.

"They rolled the horse onto a pallet and took it out of the back."

Ms D'Arcy showed her video to several vets who said the horse may have suffered a heart attack or broke its neck.

"They were not prepared to make a definitive call."

The rodeo caped the high point of the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Festival, held through last week and into today.

The Stanthorpe Rodeo confirmed the death, but committee members declined to make further comment.

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