AMBER lights and groaning engines were all that broke through the chilly autumn morning at the base of the Toowoomba Range, in South East Queensland. 

As the first major delivery to the Toowoomba bypass site, Nexus Infrastructure workers and a heavy lift specialist team from ALE prepared a 40 tonne load of precast concrete for a slow assent up the mountain pass.   

The Super T, a long girder which will serve as the foundation for the overpasses, is of such a size it can only be moved at night when the westbound highways to the range are closed.   

Requiring the power of both a Mercedes Benz block truck and a Kenworth to strain under its weight, the Super T is one of the many multiple tonne objects that will make its way up the range between midnight into the early hours of the morning.

The scene will likely become a regular feature for the range crossing as work continues on the $1.6 billion project, with another delivery scheduled for Monday night, and at other times into next year.   

Currently construction has started on a number of ridge projects along the route.  

Intermittent closures will in place for all westbound traffic on the Warrego Hwy and Toowoomba Range between midnight and 4am.   

Super T deliveries will continue in April and May.  Dates and times will be published here when timing is confirmed.

Police advise all people who may be required to use the Toowoomba Range to consider another route during that time.  

For more information on the wide load deliveries for the massive project check the Nexus Infrastructure website for details. 

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