WATCH: Barmaids 'disturbed by it': Gladstone hotel owner


OWNER of Central Lane Hotel Rick Adams said the two female managers involved in the violent armed robbery were still feeling shaken.

"There's no other way to put it," Mr Adams said.

"They're disturbed by it."

WATCH: Coward axe robber knees Central Lane Hotel barmaids

NOTE: Five seconds into the footage the axe robber storms the building. At 1.56min, the axe robber knees the women in the face. 

Mr Adams said the hotel had closed and security had only just left when the armed robbers entered, interrupting the managers finalising their end of shift procedures.

"My main concerns are the girls," he said.

"At the end of the day I'm concentrating on my mangers and their well-being to make sure they can get back to their normal life."


SHOCKING CCTV footage released by police today shows the extent of the brutal and violent actions of two thugs who robbed the Central Lane Hotel in the early hours of Monday morning.

The footage shows one of the bandits --- armed with an axe --- approaching the hotel around 1.30am from the vacant block of land across from the Reef Hotel.

The first man enters the hotel, forcing his way in, using an axe to intimidate one female worker and ordering another female worker over to the door.

The other thug --- fat and solid and wearing a black hoodie --- lumbers up to the front door of the hotel from the direction of the bottom of Yarron St.

In a drastic attempt to keep the second perpetrator out, one of the staff members attempts to lock the door, only to be assaulted and forced to the ground.

Once inside, the fat bag man proceeds to the safe, where he is believed to have stolen between $10,000-$15,000 in cash, while the axe-brandishing thug stands over the victims, keeping guard.

WATCH: Axe robber and accomplice storm the Central Lane Hotel

Within two minutes the armed robbers are away, which Gladstone Criminal Investigation Branch Detective Senior

Sergeant Luke Peachey said suggested the armed robbery was planned and that the offenders were familiar with the establishment.


>>VIDEO: Central Ln Hotel axe robbers stole up to $15K: police

But, in harrowing scenes which demonstrates the depravity and callousness of the armed robbers, the man with the axe can be seen as he violently knees both female staff members in the head before fleeing out the door.

Axe robber knees Central Lane Hotel women in the head.
Axe robber knees Central Lane Hotel women in the head.

Both women, after having been violently attacked, jump up and secure the front door.

"It was quite a violent armed robbery and I think the public as well as the police have been disgusted by these actions," Det Snr Srg Peachey said.

"Not only for the actual armed robbery but the fact these two victims in the matter were sitting in a prone position compliant with all the directions of the offender and still violently assaulted.

"The fact these girls were slightly built they did nothing to agitate these offenders…and then for no reason at all were violently assaulted. It's absolutely disgusting and a coward act," he said.

Axe robber knees the women in the head.
Axe robber knees the women in the head.

Although police were interviewing a man yesterday who matched the description of the fat bag man, police released him without charge.

"There are people out there who know who these people are," Det Snr Srg Peachey said.

"[It was] quite a significant amount of money was taken, there were people out and about that night and we've had a number of witnesses come forward saying they saw people running from the address."

Police say they are still investigating the incident and will be pursing these offenders at all costs.
If anyone has any information they are urged to contact Gladstone police immediately on 49713222.

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