LG's new range of speakers.
LG's new range of speakers.

Want to start your own nightclub?

LG Electronics has unveiled new speakers catering for those who want to start their own nightclub to cinema fans wanting 4K audio to match their 4K television.

LG's new SJ9 sound bar harnesses the power of Dolby Atmos® technology.

The SJ9 is equipped with multiple speakers - including two powerful up firing speakers - "to envelop the listener from every angle".

Dolby Atmos delivers moving audio that can be precisely placed anywhere in three-dimensional space, including overhead.

Samsung earlier released its range of Dolby Atmos soundbars including the HK-K950 soundbar which has 15 built-in speakers, including four upward firing drivers to create incredible sound.

The $2000 system features a wireless subwoofer which delivers superb base, both in music from your smartphone or tablet, or from the latest DVD.

LG says its SJ9 has high resolution audio, compatible with high quality lossless audio files to recreate sounds recorded in the original studio.

SJ9's Sound Upconverting increases the quality of standard audio files to 24bit/192Hz to enhance subtle details and nuances of each track, LG said in a statement ahead of CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

The SJ9 supports 4K Pass-Through, ensuring video is not affected and audio is perfectly synchronised.

LG is also unveiling its SJ8 sound bar with a slim and efficient 38mm profile. The SJ8 is also equipped with 4K Sound, 4K Pass-Through and the ability to stream content using Chromecast built-in.

The LG SJ7 is a 320W sound bar that can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.

The two halves of the SJ7 connect wirelessly together.

One of the halves has a built-in battery allowing it, at the flip of a switch, to be used as a rear speaker. Flip another switch to portable mode and use it as a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

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Want to start your own nightclub at home?

Designed with party-goers and music makers in mind, LG's LOUDR sound systems each pack powerful audio capabilities.

The LOUDR CJ98 is capable of generating 3,500W, creating a lively club-like atmosphere.

Let's just hope your neighbours enjoy your taste in music.

The CJ98's Party Thruster allows the DJ to slide a throttle forward to control the build-up of a dance track to time the bass drop and lighting effects.

The CJ98 is also equipped with looping buttons and sharing features.

To cater for karaoke fans, CJ98 offers a range of vocal effects and the Karaoke Star feature, which suppresses the vocals from songs and allows singers to change the audio track's key.

During CES, LG is also unveiling the portable party audio system model FJ7, designed to maximise portability and 400W high output sound without distortion. It comes with handles and wheels for mobility.

 The writer is attending CES 2017 in Las Vegas as a guest of Samsung Australia.

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