Christina Pfeiffer

Virgin Airlines cabin crew reality video

Have you ever had a bad travel day? You know, one of those days where you just wish you'd stayed at home? Or worse still, you're trying to get home and everything seems to go wrong?  

On my way back from Melbourne recently, I experienced just such a day.  

However, I was pleasantly surprised when the actions of the Virgin Airlines crew converted a potentially bad flight experience into a great one.   

When it comes to choosing airline seats, I'm rather fussy. So, whenever I fly, I make it a point to choose my seat carefully. On a long flight, my preference is a row of empty seats or an emergency exit row seat (either the window or aisle is fine) followed by an aisle seat.   

Call me precious, if you like, but when you fly as much as I do, you tend to develop a distinct set of likes and dislikes. On my list of hates, sitting in a middle seat between two strangers ranks above visiting the dentist and leaping out of a plane with a parachute.     

On this occasion, I arrived at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport well ahead of time. Of course, I had made sure I had carefully chosen my seat online.  Here's my video about how the Virgin Australia crew handled a difficult flight.  

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