Prostate cancer survivor Carl Neilsen spreads his message.
Prostate cancer survivor Carl Neilsen spreads his message. Contributed

Vintage car gives finger to cancer

WHEN his best mate was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 39, Lang Kidby decided on a novel way to give "the finger" to the disease.

The vintage car enthusiast offered to revamp his rusted out 1915 Model 80 Overland car and take his friend on an awareness-raising trip around Queensland.

The remodelled car will take pride of place at Gatton's Queensland Transport Museum for the next three months.

"My mate Carl Neilsen called me out of the blue and said he'd had his prostate removed," Mr Kidby said.

"He'd known nothing about the disease, and said we had to do something to encourage other bush blokes to get a check-up.

"I had this wreck just sitting around, so we rebuilt it, painted it and set off around Queensland."

The side panels feature a rendition of the famous Belgian statue "Mannequin Pis", of a young boy urinating into a fountain.

Legends surrounding the statue point to a prolonged siege on Brussels in the 17th Century, when gunpowder was stacked against the city walls in preparation for a breaching explosion.

"Lighting the fuse, they retreated to a safe distance just as a small boy happened along," Mr Kidby said.

"Seeing the burning fuse he immediately peed on it while raising the alarm. His prompt action saved the city.

"We hope we convince many men to emulate 'Willy' to discover and pee on the burning fuse of prostate cancer and other hidden threats to save the day before it's too late."

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