VIDEO: Spectator wins $5000 after stunning cricket catch

A NEW Zealand cricket spectator has become a YouTube sensation after taking a spectacular catch - and winning $5000 in the process.

During a Georgie Pie Super Smash tournament match between the Otago Volts and Wellington Firebirds, cricket spectator Andrew McCulloch ran down a hill as a ball hit by the Volts' Michael Bracewell went over the boundary for six.

Knowing there was a competition in place for anyone who caught a boundary ball, McCulloch can be seen sliding onto the ground at the last moment to grab the ball with his outstretched right arm.

He punches the air in delight before being congratulated by another would-be catcher.

He then returns to his partner, the sister of the batsman Bracewell.

Despite his stunning feat, McCulloch appeared slightly embarrassed.

The commentator for NZAUTV Cricket says, "Don't be embarrassed man, you're a hero".

In an interview after the match McCulloch said he would use the money to pay off his credit card bills.

One YouTube watcher was not overly impressed though.

"This game is so f..... boring that they have to pay the spectators to catch balls just to get people to go to the stadium. A step above baseball and a step below golf,'' he wrote.

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