COULD this be the rain that helps our farmers bounce back from four years of brutal drought conditions?

Record-breaking rainfall has been recorded across outback Queensland, and while the flooding creeks are a welcome sight, there is still caution about how much to celebrate.

Longreach has recorded its highest ever June rainfall, with more than 200mm falling in some areas.

Tambo has had between 50 and 100mm and Roma has had between 25mm and 50mm.

And this is all in the first 15 days of June.

Already the rain is making a big difference to those in the bush.

Tahnee Oakhill from Bernfels Station north-west of Winton captured video of her children who were amazed to find fish where there was only recently parched land.

But farmers are yet to break out the party hats. It will take more than a few rainy weeks to end the drought.

Longreach grazier Gayle East told ABC that her house dam was full but "this particular county here has never been so dry for so long so we'll just have to wait and see what the response is," she said.

Meanwhile on June 13, the Saltern Creek near Barcaldine burst its banks after copping 65mm.


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