VIDEO: 300kg shark gives jetty angler a fright

A GREAT white shark has been filmed cruising around a jetty, caught by a fisherman as he was throwing a lure into his local lake.

Angler Clinton Bambach was standing beside the jetty at Murray's Beach in Lake Macquarie near Newcastle when the predator dropped by for a look.

The Newcastle Herald reports the shark -- understood to be a juvenile -- circled about 50m off the jetty for an hour on Thursday morning before twice sweeping within a metre of the fisherman.

''It was doing loops and chasing baits,'' Mr Bambach said of his encounter, which he caught on video.

''A bloke saw how excited I was getting as I filmed so he came over and slapped the water and the thing wheeled around...

"You could have stepped on it, it came in so close, in just two foot of water.''

Mr Bambach said the shark's interest was piqued by someone patting the water.

"''In my eyes, the shark has heard the splashing and come back to have a look at what was all the commotion, like a bait fish splashing the surface," he told the Newcastle Herald.

''But when he saw the human hand, it wasn't a food source so he didn't aggressively tail kick and attack that food source.

''Sharks are hungry and they will eat, but they won't just eat a human hand because he sees it splashing.''


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