Peeping Tom on notice

A PEEPING Tom, who has been stealing women's size 10 underwear, is roaming the streets of the Sunshine Coast's Shelly Beach, but victims hope people power can stop him in his tracks.

Neighbours are joining forces to search for a home intruder who allegedly rummaged through a dirty laundry basket, took two vodka bottles and was in a woman's bedroom while she was sleeping.

The intruder was disturbed and fled through a door onto the patio when the woman's husband went to bed about 11.30pm on Friday, September 23.

The intruder left behind two pairs of women's underpants which did not belong to the woman.

The woman, who had been asleep until the door to the patio slammed on the intruder's exit, said police had dusted the discarded spirit bottles for fingerprints and taken the underpants away for DNA testing.

She said she was already increasing her personal security with extra sensor lights around the house and police were now patrolling the area regularly.

"We don't have street lights in the area because of the turtle hatching nearby so it's very dark," she said.

"I'm taking steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. We know he's been back since then.

"The local residents in the neighbourhood around our property have stepped up their vigilance and are on watch for suspicious activity.

"The goal is, with the assistance of the local community, to not only thwart any further activity but to catch and charge the offender."

The woman said she had since collected another three pairs of size 10 underwear which also did not belong to her.

She said she found one pair sitting outside her side gate near where her dogs were kept and another two dropped outside her bedroom on separate occasions.

"I've had frilly ones go missing from my line too but it seems he's taking mine and dropping other people's at my house," she said.

"One pair is white with purple and yellow spots, another pair are brown Berlei and the other one is steel blue Bendon.

"They are not cheap underwear.

"They have been worn but they're clean so they must have come off a clothesline.

"People have probably noticed their underwear disappearing but are probably not reporting it because they don't think it's a major issue, but he has intruded into my bedroom.

"People need to report these things because it could be a piece of the puzzle, even if it's trivial."

The woman said best case scenario was that her intruder was just a peeping Tom but she wanted police to catch him in case his behaviour escalated.

"If they don't get intercepted at this level, you don't need to be a psychologist to know they'll get bolder and more brazen each time.

"Maybe he started taking underwear, next he's in someone's house, what's next?"

A police spokesperson urged people to lock their doors and windows even at night to ensure they were safe from intruders.

If you have noticed any suspicious people or behaviour in the Shelly Beach area, phone Crime Stoppers on 1800333000 or Police Link on 131444.

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