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Four people taken to hospital after high-impact nose to tail


FOUR people have been taken to hospital following an apparent high-impact nose to tail crash at Meridan Plains

Witnesses say a van collided into the back of a ute on the Caloundra Rd on-ramp from the Bruce Highway about 11.40am. 

Police directed around the crash site while paramedics attended to the patients. 

Two elderly people and another mane suffered chest pain, while a nine-year-old girl suffered head pain and the four of them were transported to Nambour General Hospital in a stable condition. 


EMERGENCY services have been called to a single vehicle crash on the Bruce Highway on-ramp at Caloundra Road.

It is understood the vehicle veered into a ditch at 11.40am.

Four patients, including a nine year old girl,  are being treated at the scene for head and chest pain.

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