Unusual storms bring welcome winter rain | VIDEO

IT'S not unheard of to get winter storms, but it takes all the correct ingredients to get the line up right.

Exactly that happened, where parts of the Lockyer Valley and Somerset region welcomed some untraditional winter rain on Sunday.

At Mount Tarampa, carrot farmer Mark Jendra recorded 16 millimetres in the gauge.

"You do get excited when it's been dry for a length of time," he said.

"It's good to see some rain when it has been like that."

He said the welcomed rain did not harm the crop, but it would take much more to benefit growers and irrigators across the region.

"If you haven't got the water to irrigate its not going to do a lot because the paddocks are very dry."

"It's not enough to plant anything on."

In Morton Vale, Ammie Gorton captured the above video of her three-year-old daughter Mia playing in the puddles.

Ms Gorton said they received 24mm on Sunday.

Gatton Star readers shared their recordings on Facebook with Jodie Allen reporting 26mm at Forest Hill and Samantha Hoffman with 28mm at Adare.

Beth Anderson had 23mm at Patrick Estate, and Andrew Jeffrey capturing 31 at Atkinsons Dam.

But the rain was not widespread, with 4mm at Lower Tenthill, and 1.5mm at Upper Tenthill.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist David Crock said Sunday's storms were similar to those in spring and summer.

He said now the rain had cleared, there would be cool, dry conditions.

"Behind the through that brought those showers and storms is a cool and dry air mass," he said.

"That's why we've got sunny skies and cooler temperatures."

Mr Crock said there could be a chance of rain on Friday, but it was "nothing exciting".

"There's some signs on Sunday and Monday of a more significant band of showers and storm activity, but it is still uncertain at this stage," he said.

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