Unlocking the $1 million secret cell cost

AN expense of $1 million to build a single prison cell in the Capricornia Correctional Centre.

It is a figure that shocks.

And a spokesperson from Queensland Corrective Services has revealed why it costs so much.

"Construction costs include all infrastructure required to support prisoners within a prison such as kitchen, medical, stores, industries, visits, programs and education, administration and visitor processing," they said.

"It also includes a secure perimeter and a sophisticated electronic security management system to ensure prisoners are kept safe and secure.

"Similarly, for expansion projects, all the ancillary buildings are assessed and where required, increased in size to suit the increase in capacity.

"Accordingly, the costs of prison infrastructure projects vary depending on the extent and nature of the construction required."

Despite what seems like a massive cost, the spokesperson said Queensland actually had one of the most cost-efficient correctional systems in Australia.

"This has been made possible by investing in robust prisons with state of the art electronic security systems that allow QCS to operate as efficiently as possible to maintain community safety.

There have been no escapes from Queensland's high security prisons since 1998," they said.

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