Unfinished DIY ignites family rows

TURNS out the most common argument that takes place in Aussie households isn't about who used the rest of the toilet paper or whose turn it is to take the bins out.

A National DIY Report, commissioned by Command Picture Hanging Strips from 3M, has revealed that unfinished DIY projects, such as not hanging up pictures, took the cake when it came to things that sparked disagreements in Aussie homes.

Another interesting statistic that came from the survey is that, when it comes to DIY tasks, it's Aussie women who are rolling up their sleeves to get the job done.

Nearly half (45%) of the women surveyed admitted that they're the ones who do most of the DIY tasks in their home, while 40% of men say they've put off completing simple tasks such as picture-hanging for anywhere up to three months.

DIY expert Tara Dennis said she wasn't surprised by these results.

"As Aussies we're a typically outgoing bunch but some of us are huge procrastinators when it comes to doing simple DIY jobs around the home," she said.

"Whether it's due to laziness, lack of time or even confidence, there is loads of information and products out there that can assist in making decoration and home renovation a whole lot easier.

It's all about doing your research and getting yourself set up with the right products.

"Take it from me, the satisfaction that comes with completing DIY projects yourself, is far greater than having someone else to do it for you, you've just got to commit to the project and see it all the way to the end," she said.

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