Ultra runner's latest crazy challenge

JAMIE Milne plans to run 1200km around Western Australia in just 15 days during September.
JAMIE Milne plans to run 1200km around Western Australia in just 15 days during September. Patrick Woods

ULTRA distance runner Jamie Milne's plan to run 1200km around Western Australia in 15 days has hit just one snag.

Following his incredible 2016 run of over 1800km between Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast, the Warana gym owner wanted to put on some real weight to give himself fuel to burn on the road next month.

The trouble is he can't and it's not for the lack of trying.

After completing more than 160km of a planned 200km run without stopping around the Sunshine Coast last month he took off to the United States for well-earned break with the intent of whacking on 4-8kgs.

"I had a crack," Jamie said. "I ate New York cheesecake, pizzas, shitty food, cheese and spuds with everything for 15 days. I did the best I could but the plan didn't work so I guess it's back to the drawing board."

The best he could manage was a measly 800 grams, meaning he now faces two weeks of eating on the run.

Jamie will head across to Perth on August 31 ahead of the run start from the F45 gym in Vasse owned by his mate Jason Ey on September 2.

He'll be on the road a minimum of nine hours a day and a maximum of 12 effectively running from dawn to dusk for 15 days.

Jason has organised a team of 20-30 runners to join Jamie for the first few kilometres of his 1200km marathon which will promote Dementia Awareness Month through regional areas of Western Australia.

Jamie's grandmother's death after contracting early onset dementia prompted him to launch his Many Miles for Mary Charity dedicated to increasing awareness and research of the disease.

He has done that through a series of ultramarathon runs across the length of Britain, from the top to bottom of New Zealand and a circumnavigation of Tasmania leading up to last year's epic Melbourne to Sunshine Coast trek.

Jamie, who will be accompanied by a three-member support team, anticipates that flies will be his biggest issue although experience has taught him of the need to hydrate more and to take better care of himself to ensure he fully recovers after the effort.

"My doctor says it's like revving a car engine constantly," he said. "You can't get away scot free."

One of the prices he pays is a battering to the kidneys that has let to blood in his urine, something that may be improved by more H20 on the road.

How does he keep going? The first 40km run of each day is always the easier of the two he will run every day for 15 days.

"I try to see the glass as half full and to keep smiling even if I'm bullshitting myself," Jamie said.

"The afternoon run is a hard one. As soon as you start to run it feels like there's glass in your knees and ankles."

SCHEDULE (subject to alteration)

Day 1: Saturday, September 2 - Vasse to Hamelin Bay (lunch stop Margaret River ) (70km)

Day 2: Sunday, September 3 - Hamelin Bay to Nannup (81km)

Day 3: Monday, September 4 - Nannup to Pemberton (77km)

Day 4: Tuesday, September 5 - Pemberton to Walpole (120km)

Day 5: Wednesday, September 6 - Walpole to Albany (119km)

Day 6: Thursday, September 7 - Albany to Cranbrook (92km)

Day 7: Friday, September 8 - Cranbrook to Wagin (133km)

Day 8: Saturday, September 9 - Wagin to York (180km)

Day 9: Sunday, September 10 - Brookton to Gosnells (113km)

Day 10: Monday, September 11 - Gosnells to Lancelin (153km)

Day 11: Tuesday, September 12 - Lancelin to Jurien Bay (107km)

Day 12: Wednesday, September 13 - Green Head to Geraldton (169km)

Day 13: Thursday, September 14 - Geraldton to Cervantes (Pinnacles - 223km)

Day 14: Friday, September 15 - Cervantes to Gabbadah (112km) 

Day 15: FINAL DAY Saturday, September 16 Breton Bay to Perth (109km)

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