Two families can't believe $23m Powerball wins

A FAMILY from Ayr and a couple from NSW have each won $23.3 million in last night's $70 million Powerball draw.

The couple from Shellharbour said they spent the whole night talking non-stop about what they'll be able to do now after winning a first division share.

The battlers in their 40s were still in shock when they came forward to NSW Lotteries today to claim their multi-million dollar prize.

"I'm ecstatic!" the winning husband declared.

"I haven't slept a wink since I checked our Powerball ticket last night on the internet and discovered we'd won first division! I must admit I've been a bit of a mess ever since - I still can't believe this!

"I'm not usually a superstitious person but I was actually sitting in my car the other day and thought to myself that I really should get a Powerball ticket because the jackpot had reached $70 million. So instead of driving away, I got out of my car, crossed the street and bought my winning ticket!

"After we checked our ticket, my wife and I talked non-stop all night about what we can do with our prize money. We know we'll upgrade the house, upgrade the boat, set the kids up for life and travel is definitely on the horizon for us. I'm also pretty sure I'll quit work too!" the new multi-millionaire added.

The winning 24-game QuickPick ticket was purchased from Oak Flats Newsagency, 74B Central Avenue in Oak Flats.

Stunned Queensland family claims $23.3 million prize

A family from Ayr are just starting to imagine how their lives are going to change after discovering they won a $23.3 million first division share in last night's Powerball draw.

"Wow," the winning wife whispered after the prize was confirmed by a Golden Casket official.

"I'm in shock - this is just a little overwhelming!

"It was all over town this morning that a $23.3 million winning Powerball ticket had been sold in Ayr and someone jokingly said to us that they think they had the winning ticket.

"So my husband and I decided to jump on the internet and check our entry and we couldn't believe it when we discovered that we had the winning ticket!

"I have no idea what we'll do with the prize money. I really can't get my head around the fact that we've won! I feel like someone is going to tell me that it's all a joke," the new multi-millionaire said.

The winning 36-game QuickPick was purchased from Tosh's Convenience Store, 9 Chippendale Street in Ayr.

Last night's $70 million Powerball jackpot was the biggest jackpot on offer to date this year and millions of customers around the country purchased an entry for the chance to win a share in the mind-blowing prize pool.

Around Australia, there were three entries that won a first division prize in last night's mind-blowing $70 million Powerball jackpot draw worth $23,333,333.34 each. The three winning entries were from Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Along with the huge jackpot prize more than 1.29 million prizes were won across Australia in divisions two to eight, sharing in a total prize pool of $99.58 million.

The winning numbers in Powerball's $70 million draw 1017 on Thursday 12 November 2015 were 3, 15, 19, 26, 35, and 1. The Powerball number was 18.

Powerball will offer a $3 million division one prize in next week's draw.

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