Turnbull: $100m to fight 'national shame' of family violence

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called domestic violence against women and children a national shame and disgrace.  

He said women should be able to feel safe at home, on the streets and online - and a nationwide cultural shift was needed to make it a reality.  

Mr Turnbull unveiled a $100 million package on Thursday aimed at tackling one of the biggest issues facing the nation.   He said he wanted Australia to be known as a nation that respected women.  

"Disrespecting women does not always result in violence against women," he said   "But all violence against women begins with disrespecting women.  

"Let us make it our resolution that Australia will be known as a nation, as a people, as a society that respects women.  

"We have to make it as though it was un-Australian to disrespect women."

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The multi-million dollar package will see funding for 20,000 mobile phones for at-risk women, additional training for front-line workers and funding towards expanding the Safer Schools website and 1800RESPECT helpline.  

It will also include a trial requiring perpetrators to wear a GPS tracker.  

Other aspects include access to panic alarms for women and additional funding aimed at helping them escape violent environments.

Anti-domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty
Anti-domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty Warren Lynam

Domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty said the onus should not be on women to find a way to escape a violent domestic situation.  

She said she was glad the government had acted but said there was still a long way to go.  

"There have been thousands of people through decades working so hard to get to this point where we accept and acknowledge this is a gender issue," she said.  

"We are finally starting to hear from the leaders of our country that they are addressing this issue.  

"They are not just talking the talk, but they are now walking the walk."

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$36.5 million to train front-line employees including police, social and community workers and medical staff.  

$17m to keep women safe in their home including access to CCTV and lock changing services.  

$15m to help women access legal advice.  

$13.5m towards a domestic violence alert training program to help police, social workers and emergency staff support women.  

$12m to trial the use of technology to keep women safe - includes GPS trackers.  

$5m towards support coordinators in domestic violence hotspots across the nation.  

$5m towards expanding the Safer Schools website with resources to help parents, teachers and students communicate about respectful relationships.   

$5m to expand the national telephone and online counselling and information service - 1800RESPECT.  

$2m towards MensLine for additional tools and resources to support perpetrators not to reoffend.  

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