Paul Tully has served in the Ipswich City Council for 35 years. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times
Paul Tully has served in the Ipswich City Council for 35 years. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times Rob Williams

Tully praised for his views on Hanson

IPSWICH councillor Paul Tully has been praised for what QT readers called an educated, justified and on the money response to the rhetoric of former politician Pauline Hanson on Islam and terrorism.

Cr Tully tweeted on Monday that Ms Hanson should be dumped from her gigs on The Today Show and Sunrise as she posed a national security threat to the nation.

Cr Tully elaborated on his tweet to the QT when he said it was "very disturbing that she is stirring up right wing elements and her comments could backfire on the attempts of the Australian Government to maintain national security".

"Her comments on the very thing she is trying to stop, could rile people into action," he said.

The initial story has drawn a huge response on the QT's online site and on social media platforms.

Ms Hanson had said that "all Muslims aren't terrorists but all Muslims are terrorists" and added that there should be a Royal Commission into Islam along with other remarks in keeping with her long held views on the subject. She also said that Muslims who were opposed to the attacks in Paris should "leave the religion".

On the QT Facebook site Rhonda Purcell backed Cr Tully's views on Ms Hanson's remarks.

"Paul Tully is voicing what our security experts are saying, not like Pauline Hanson who is spewing hate and fear to appeal to ignorant bogans in order in round up votes," she posted. "Please research this whole situation instead of blindly believing misleading hateful, racist crap. I firmly believe most Australians are good people and are being misguided by fear."

Bec Draper was effusive in her support for Cr Tully.

"Three cheers for Paul Tully...or more. If we keep cheering we might just drown out the racist, bigoted, fear mongering idiots like Hanson," she said.

Sam Klepachek will not watch Ms Hanson on television, but said he would make one exception.

"I'm sorry, but I remember when Pauline Hanson was talking about Australia being in danger of being 'swamped by Asians' some years back," he said. "Her views are extreme and she appeals to the people with extreme views. If she's on anything other than the comedy channel, I'll be switching stations."

Jacqui Scott agreed with Cr Tully regarding the danger Ms Hanson posed in the current social climate.

"Yes, a national security risk and an embarrassment for Australia," she posted. "I am sure Paul Tully has an education.....not so sure about Pauline."

Marilyn McNee reckoned Ms Hanson was playing into the terrorists hands.

"This is exactly what ISIS wants us to do and of course good old Pauline has got to mouth off with her racist views and give them what they want," she said. "Funny how the head of the NSW Police, on threats to Australia on A Current Affair, said this is exactly what ISIS wants... to divide us to hate all Muslims.

"But hey, why would we want to use our brains when we can just listen to the world expert on everything -  Pauline Hanson.

"Didn't know fish and chips made you a world expert."

Steve Leese agreed with Cr Tully on the motive behind Ms Hanson's remarks.

"She rants about whatever she thinks will get her a vote," he said. "At the recent state election she and her supporters were more than happy to hand how to vote cards to people who were quite clearly followers of the Muslim faith. Seeing her and her supporters in action was like watching a training video on how to be a hypocrite."

Pauline Hanson has been tagged "a national security risk" by Cr Paul Tully in the wake of her inflammatory remarks since the Paris terrorist attacks:

Posted by QT - The Queensland Times on Monday, November 16, 2015


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