CAUGHT ON DASH CAM: A truckie has almost collided with a car twice in just seconds on a busy Sunshine Coast road.

Dash cam footage captures the dangerous manoeuvres, the first which occurs while both vehicles are attempting to navigate the Maroochydore Rd roundabout.

"As I was coming off the roundabout I assumed the truck was indicating off the roundabout," a Sunshine Coast woman, who posted the video the Dash Cam Owners Australia, explained.

"I didn't realise he actually just wanted to change lanes.

"Once he started coming over into the left lane I probably should have slowed down (and maybe beeped) but my instinct was just 'oh he hasn't seen me, I'll speed up so I can get out of the way and he can move over' which earned me a honk from him.

"I guess he thought I just wanted to get in front, which wasn't the case, I just wanted to get out of the way."

Moments later the truck speeds past the motorist and changes lanes in front of them, almost causing another collision.

"We're another 1km down the road, my mind is already off our previous encounter, until he speeds up to overtake and cut me off for whatever reason."

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