Jury shown crime scene photo of brain matter

A JURY has been shown gruesome photos of a man sprawled on a floor of a property near Esk after he was allegedly shot in the head by a shotgun.

Jamie Rex Teichmann is accused of murdering Carl Upson in December 2010 at a property on Mt Mulgowie Rd, south of Esk.

On the trial's first day on Monday, the jury was shown photographs police took after discovering Mr Upson's body on a while tiled floor in a train carriage that had been converted into a home.

When opening the case in Brisbane Supreme Court, crown prosecutor David Meredith said Mr Teichmann allegedly shot Mr Upson in the head from about 50cm to a metre.

He said Mr Teichmann claimed that he and Mr Upson had wrestled and that the victim was shot during the struggle.

But Mr Meredith argued that it would have been impossible for Mr Upson to have pulled the trigger and was shot during the struggle because of the gun's length and the bullet hole's position.


"The prosecution says the shooting as described by the accused is impossible," Mr Meredith said.

The gun was pictured in the photographs, lying next to Mr Upson's body.

Mr Meredith said evidence in the trial would show the gun was placed there and had not fallen.

He also showed the jury photos of Mr Upson's body surrounded by blood. He said some of the blood did not come from the gunshot wound.

Photos also were shown of Mr Upson's brain matter which was on a wall.

Mr Meredith told the jury that although Mr Teichmann claimed Mr Upson's death was an accident, the prosecution did not believe there was scope for a manslaughter outcome.

The trial continues.


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