Sheridan Louise McGuire has appealed her eight year jail sentence.
Sheridan Louise McGuire has appealed her eight year jail sentence. David Nielsen

Torturer and rapist says her sentence is too harsh

AN IPSWICH woman who tortured and raped another woman over a period of days has told Queensland's highest court her eight-year jail sentence is too harsh.

An Ipswich jury found Sheridan Louise McGuire guilty of rape, torture, threatening violence, deprivation of liberty, robbery and assault last year.

In May 2015, McGuire and Trevor John Hayman took the woman to a house in Woodend where they locked her up for days.

The court heard McGuire held the woman's hand out on a table and Hayman threatened to cut her fingers off with a machete.

They also tied the woman to a tree on a riverbank below the high tide mark. The woman thought she was going to drown before Hayman cut her loose.

McGuire was sentenced to eight years jail and declared a serious violent offender - meaning she could not apply for parole until she had served 80% of the sentence.

During the trial, the court heard McGuire raped the woman to humiliate her, not for sexual gratification.

Hayman pleaded guilty to assault, torture, deprivation of liberty and threatening violence.

He was sentenced to six years jail. He was not charged with rape.

At Queensland Court of Appeal on Monday, McGuire's lawyer Andrew Hoare said the difference between his client and Hayman's sentences was too great.

He said as they had been charged as parties to the same torture offence, they should have received similar sentences. But instead the rape was considered part of McGuire's torturing and not Hayman's.

Justice David Boddice said it was possible McGuire and Hayman should have been charged with the offences separately from each other.

But Crown prosecutor Jodie Wooldridge said the rape set their offending apart.

She said the longer jail term showed the "greater criminality" of McGuire's offending and compared it to two people charged with an assault but only one of them had kicked the victim.

The court will deliver its judgment at a later date.

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