Toowoomba tops the state for unpaid fines

Congratulations Toowoomba.

You win the state's debt pool.

The latest postcode breakdown of the debt owning to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) put the 4350 postcode at the top of the class for the number of residents not paying fines.

Just over 9100 of the postcode's 157,700 residents are responsible for 47,293 outstanding SPER debts, worth $14,206,000 to the government.

Cairns, represented by postcode 4870, came close to knocking 4350 off the top of the ladder with 8539 of its 151,000 or so residents refusing to pay their fines, but managed to top Toowoomba for number of outstanding debts, claiming 49,164. That equated to an outstanding balance of $14,387,000 to the government.

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