Watch Toowoomba teen thrill on The Voice tonight

TOOWOOMBA musician Brittania Clifford-Pugh, 17,  will have residents on the edge on their seats tonight in her national television debut on the 2017 season of The Voice.

The ukulele player is using her countrywide platform as the show's first Muslim contestant to create more diversity in the industry and challenge stereotypes around her religion.

Residents have been quick to send their support.

Tamara King said: "She is amazing at singing and so is her sister. My younger sister went to school with them and we have watched them grow."

Jodi Robinson described Brittania as talented and courageous.

STAR: Brittania Clifford-Pugh is on The Voice tonight.
STAR: Brittania Clifford-Pugh is on The Voice tonight.

Pamela Temple said the whole town was backing her.

"Many of us have watched her grow into the young lady she is today," she said.

"We've applauded her many times in her performances at the Empire, in school musicals, in Darling Downs scout revues and at eisteddfods.

"We've watched her go up through the ranks of the scouting movement. If that's not supporting Brittania, I don't know what is."

Candice Moore offered some sound advice.

"Be you and sing your heart out," she said.

Brittania Clifford-Pugh
Brittania Clifford-Pugh

Brittania is known around town as a member of five-piece acoustic pop band The Fes, which performs at markets and events.

Rai Akers said Toowoomba was proud.

"We've heard her singing in many places, including at numerous inter-faith events," she said.

Michelle Baartz said: "She is a very talented, dedicated and polite young lady and I wish her all the best on her journey."

Fiona Stevenson said: "She is a young lady representing her religion that is surrounded by stereotypes. Go you good thing and good luck."

Tonight Brittania hopes enough superstar judges turn around in her blind audition so she can nab a spot on #TeamSeal.

The Voice is on Channel Nine at 7.30pm.

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