A REPORTER on Nine's Today Show was lost for words during a live TV interview.

Journalist Natalia Cooper was in the middle of a cross in Sydney's Parramatta, offering commuters $50 notes to "top up" their Opal cards.

Cooper offered a tradie the cash, then asked him how his Australia Day weekend was.

His response left her stunned.

Copper asked him: "Sir, would you like $50 to top up your Opal card?"

She then inquired about his long weekend, to which he replied it was "very good".

"What did you get up to?" Cooper responded.

His response? "Punched a few cones".

"Cones" is a slang term for marijuana.

"Oh wow OK, we'll just leave you there, all right," a shocked Cooper said as she moved away from the tradie.

Nine viewers were also baffled by the admission.



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