Time in jail turns woman back from the brink

A GLADSTONE woman has told a court a dose of custody had been a "big wake-up call” during an impassioned bail application plea in Brisbane District Court.

Charlie Ann Wells, 24, is charged with a range of drug offences in Clinton, Gladstone in November 2016, the most serious being trafficking.

Self-representing, she told Justice Jean Dalton it was her first time in custody and she had learned her lesson being locked up.

"I know realise the consequences to my actions, both my actions and my decisions I have made over time in the midst of a serious drug addiction,” she said.

"Since being in custody I have realised that I do have the full support of my family and friends and loved ones.”

She told the court her family were present in court to support her and she had booked counselling appointments and rehabilitation sessions to help her in her recovery.

Justice Dalton accepted she was "out of control” on drugs, but with the support of her parents should be given bail, and was not a flight risk.

She said she accepted Wells lost both her de facto partner and then her job, prompting her further descent into drug use, and that her drug use was the cause of her losing her friends and becoming homeless by 2016.

"I think her affidavit reveals considerable insight into how much her life was affected by drugs and how much she's lost because of drugs,” Justice Dalton said.

She set clear terms on Wells's bail, including significant duties to report to a police station.

"If you have any sense at all you will voluntarily have a urine drug screen regularly, once a fortnight, between now and when you are sentenced.

"When people come to be sentenced in cases like this, about 90% of their counsel say 'Oh my client's free of drugs' and about 10% of counsel hand up urine analysis to prove it, and people like me hear hundreds of them every year. We don't usually believe them unless there is a urine analysis.

"It makes such a difference to the sentence you will receive, so there is some advice for you.”

Justice Dalton also told Wells if she was struggling in dealing with her addiction to go to a doctor, re-iterating that drug addiction was a illness.


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