Three men terrorised, cars damaged, in ice-fuelled rampage

A man hired to cut down a tree in Gatton has gone on a bizarre rampage, leaving a trail of destruction and three men terrorised.

Trees were felled, property damaged, and elderly residents terrorised in a treelopper's morning rampage.

The incidents unfolded on December 19, 2019, when Anthony John Judd was hired to cut down a tree at a Crescent St property in Gatton.

A 34-year-old man at the property left for about 20 minutes around 8.30am, after Judd started working.

He came home to find a wall and side of his shed smashed.

"Upon his return, he has observed that the external wall and side of the shed at that dwelling has been smashed," Police Prosecutor Al Windsor told the Gatton Magistrate's Court.

Judd had gone, but had left his vehicle and equipment behind, the court heard.

This was only the beginning of Judd's violent actions, with a second incident taking place around 8:55am outside the Gatton Post Office.

The second victim was a 80-year-old man who Judd attacked in his car.

"The victim stated he was seated in the front seat of the vehicle, and was approached by a male person who was holding a metal wedge," Sgt Windsor said.

"He states the male person used the wedge to scratch his vehicle's driver side from the boot to the bonnet, the entire length of the vehicle."

Judd used the wedge to break the window and further accost the driver.

"He has pushed the victim back into his vehicle, and threatened to cut his throat."

Having left the Post Office, Judd was involved in yet another incident at 9.38am, when he entered the rear yard of another 76-year-old man.

"He has commenced cutting down two mature mango trees. He has used a chainsaw for this purpose, and the trees have fallen on the victim's clothesline, causing it to bend," Sgt Windsor said.

"The victim has yelled at the male person to stop, at which point he has thrown a large metal wedge at him, striking the wall near him."

This was followed by Judd smashing the rear windscreen of the man's vehicle.

He was still holding the running chainsaw when police arrived.

Judd's defence said he had split with his partner in the time prior to the incident, and been "mixing with the wrong crowd".

He admitted to using Ice the night before the incidents took place, which his defence argued may have contributed to his "psychotic episode", as he was not a regular user of the drug.

Judd expressed his remorse for the behaviour, and pleaded guilty to six charges: going armed so as to cause fear, two counts of serious assault of a person over 60, and three counts of wilful damage.

"This is quite concerning, these six charges. Two elderly gentlemen, and you've basically gone and made their life hell," Magistrate Graham Lee said.

"Had you had any criminal history, you'd be looking at something far more serious. Those elderly gentleman would have been in fear, quite frankly."

He was fined $2000 and ordered to pay $3777.80 compensation for one of the damaged cars.

A conviction was not recorded.

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