Brooke Frecklington gives us all of her best tips to catching huge fish at the Boyne Tannum Hook Up.
Brooke Frecklington gives us all of her best tips to catching huge fish at the Boyne Tannum Hook Up. Contributed.

The tips you need to know for catching barra

FISHING fanatics won't have to wait much longer.

The annual Boyne Tannum Hook Up will be well under way in a few days time, attracting eager fishers from across the country.

Gold Coast fisher and blogger Brooke Frecklington said she was looking forward to getting out and competing in the Hook Up for the second year.

"I love the event in general," Frecklington said.

"It's a fun, family atmosphere, it's good to get in and meet people and the prizes are fantastic.

"I just really love fishing and I'm looking forward to getting away from home."


Having just come back from a fishing trip in Darwin, Frecklington said she would be chasing a range of fish at this year's Hook Up, including some of what she caught last year.

Mangrove Jack, Flathead, Whiting, Brim and Barramundi are a few of the fish the fisher will have her eyes on.

"Especially the Barramundi with the $5000 tags," Frecklington said.

"I will try and get out one day and do some reef fishing."

Although Frecklington has extensive experience in the sport, she said a good way for beginners to start was by asking locals and tackle shop staff.

As well as fishing with a friend, Frecklington said new fishers should start with one goal in mind.

"Set a target and try and fish for that fish," she said.

"You wouldn't just target every fish with the same lure."

The avid fisher said the easiest fish for beginners to catch were the ones that came swimming to you.

Through using live bait, like prawns or yabbies, Frecklington said it would attract Brim or Whiting.

"Throw the bait out and let the fish come to you," she said.

"There's no technique involved... the fish smell the bait and gobble it up."

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While there are easier options for beginner fishers, catching the harder fish all comes down to good weather.

Although the weather determines what fish could be caught on what day, Frecklington said she still enjoyed the rush of reeling in a big catch.

"The adrenaline rush of getting a bite and catching a fish, it's different every time," she said.

Like many fishers, Frecklington has spent all day casting lures with no bite.

"Patience, it's all about casting that lure as many times as you can," she said.

"You're bound to get a result sooner or later."

Along with the bait, the rod plays an important part in what fish you would be able to reel in.

Frecklington said to catch a barra, fishers would need to use a firm rod with medium to stiff action, preferably six feet long with a 30 pound braid.

"Something that has stiffness to it," she said.

"When you get a hit it's not going to be flimsy and buckle over ... be prepared for a big fish."

Lighter rods can be used to catch Brim which Frecklington said had a good bite rate.


Follow Frecklington's tips and you might land yourself an impressive fish at the Boyne Tannum Hook Up. You might even land yourself a barra with a gold tag.


- target them by throwing big lures and slow retrieves

- use a firm rod with medium to stiff action

- a six foot rod anywhere between 4000 and 6000 reel with a 30 pound braid

- be prepared for a big fish


- use soft plastics, bounce the plastic off the bottom and slowly retrieve

Mangrove Jack

- use soft plastics along the banks where the rocks are

Brim or Whiting

- the easier fish to catch

- use yabbies, prawns or live bait

- throw the bait out and let the fish come to you

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