The big bang theory hits home for some

THERE was an Australian bush poet I remember when I was growing up who predicted disaster at the end of each verse in his most famous poem, "We'll all be rooned" said Hanrahan, "before this year is out."

September 28 this year could bring the poem to fruition as that is when some think the end is nigh with a blood moon, which according to some will be followed by a meteorite that will basically knock our lights out and the world will end.

On the plus side, we won't have to worry about mortgages or anything else, and if it is true we have eight days to whoop it up.

Seriously though, there are people out there who are pretty adamant that this is it, the end of the road, the last hurrah, that God is going to wipe the slate clean and start again, and I suppose who could really blame him for being disappointed with us? I know I am.

Where do I start? How can I do my bit to divert a big rock flying through space intent on knocking us out?

Firstly, maybe our politicians could start governing for the people instead of for themselves, by themselves, as if the other parties never ever had a good idea.

If we could get them working together, maybe it would partly divert the scary rock. However, if God or whatever divine source is making a decision on obliterating us and is a fan of koalas, I think we are done because our treatment of them is absolutely appalling and it won't be long until we are talking about them in hushed tones like with the Tasmania tiger.

Refugees in boats - how would we like to be bobbing around in the ocean, looking for help and being treated with such disdain?

This great country we all love has certainly embraced the "we are okay mate, forget about the rest" attitude.

I could go on and on.

Sure I am being a touch negative, and yes there are plenty of good people in this country and on this planet doing really good things. But the axis is starting to tilt towards the selfish angle.

I pray the good will eventually outweigh the bad and it will tilt the other way.

Maybe the meteorite could be diverted if the target was worthy. What if we shifted some of our more annoying humans to a nearby planet?

I can think of a couple of young tennis players who in my opinion are lost causes, a footy commentator who wouldn't be missed and a couple of politicians - one a really big target and the other a former pollie who never stops talking.

I can think of a national breakfast show host and a couple of former prime ministers, plus an ex-American president who can't tell the difference between a couple of Arab countries, as well as a really annoying radio broadcaster who can't tell the difference between fact and fiction.

If that isn't doable in the next eight days, you can find me on September 28 with a carton of Coopers Sparkling Ale, some Mooloolaba prawns and Hunters and Collectors' Holy Grail serenading me, waiting at Wurtulla Beach for the big bang.

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