The scene of a recent fish kill in Lake Lenthal.
The scene of a recent fish kill in Lake Lenthal. NAT BROMHEAD

Testing clears Lenthal

LAKE Lenthal has reopened for fishing after test results from a recent fish kill did not reveal a cause for concern in the water quality.

Wide Bay Water Corporation recently closed fishing after the unexplained deaths of nearly 200 catfish and stocked barramundi.

Initial water tests were encouraging but the ban remained while Biosecurity Queensland conducted testing on actual fish samples.

Now, results from that testing have not shown any problems to date which means fishing is once again on the agenda at the lake.

“We are committed to following ISO 22000 quality procedures to ensure the safety of Hervey Bay’s main water reservoir,” corporation CEO Peter Scott said.

“While we had no reason to think there was contamination in the lake it’s important that we follow correct testing principles to ensure public safety.

“We’re pleased to reopen the lake to fishing today. No doubt the fishing community will be pleased to hear the news.”

WBWC has reported to Queensland Fisheries throughout the testing process. Cooler temperatures or a brief drop in oxygen, or a combination of these factors, are thought to be possible reasons for the fish deaths.

Laboratory tests carried out on water samples show no problems regarding pesticides, blue-green algae, dissolved minerals, oxygen levels or pH levels.

Water quality in the dam has been at the centre of recent speculation by environmentalists, fishing enthusiasts and recreational users as has the water in the Burrum River after a spate of unexplained fish deaths.

On Saturday the Chronicle reported on a mature groper that had died in the Burrum River and reports barramundi were swimming in the shallows in a dazed state and were able to be caught by hand.

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