Ali Black
Ali Black

Teachers are at risk of burnout

TEACHING has always looked a lot easier than it actually is.

There was constant pressure to meet benchmarks while nurturing society's most precious assets - its children.

Under such pressure, it was only natural that many teachers asked themselves questions about what their job really meant, and that was a question which deeply concerned CQUniversity's Ali Black.

She has more than 20 years as an educator and last night presented a workshop, titled Recovering a Sense of Meaning, for teachers and educators.

As the name suggested, the workshop grappled with key philosophical topics that affected wellbeing within the profession.

"Teachers usually enter the profession with a desire to change the world and to make a real difference in children's lives," Dr Black said.

"It requires a lot of time and energy to do it well and if teachers aren't able to get some sense of renewal, then burnout is a real risk."

Her workshops were about providing a space and a context for teachers to identify whether they needed an opportunity for renewal and some strategies for engaging in that process.

"It's about reminding teachers what is important to them," Dr Black said.

She offered "a space and opportunity for teachers to revisit why they entered the profession and what gives them joy about the profession".

"How can they shape their work, rather than their work constantly shaping them?" Dr Black said.

One of the huge problems facing educators at the moment was constant interference from politicians with no education experience.

She said this resulted in unrealistic curriculum expectations.

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