Wayne Roberts from Hobart
Wayne Roberts from Hobart

Tassie Truckin': Wayne Roberts

STOPPING off at the Half Way Cafe in Campbelltown for lunch the other day, one of our favourite stops, we were happy when we caught up with Wayne Roberts from Hobart.

Driving a TTM Logistics 2014 Argosy, with a 570 Cummins up front and towing a B-double Fridge pans.

"I'm taking this load from Hobart up to the Melbourne markets on the TT Line ferry Spirit of Tasmania, and will then load and return with a load of mainland fish,” he said.

"We get about a fair bit on the Mainland including the Sydney markets so it is certainly an interesting and varied job.

"I've been with this crowd for four years now, but all up have been about 40 years on the road.

"I reckon it's a top job here, and they are certainly a great outfit to work for and with, run the best gear, and certainly look after us.

"Based in Hobart they have six rigs just now, and maybe another on the way, so apart from the job satisfaction here, they also offer good security.

"Getting the job here was maybe the best move I ever made. I'm rapt.”

Time off, he told us, was mainly spent with motor bikes, and also a grandson.

Finally he asked us to extend his good wishes to everyone for a great, prosperous and safe 2018.

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