PURE POWER: Tara Reinke had a weekend to remember at the Australian National Powerlifting Championships.
PURE POWER: Tara Reinke had a weekend to remember at the Australian National Powerlifting Championships. Lachlan McIvor

Tara Reinke lifts the bar at national titles

POWERLIFTING: Although it might take a few days for the pain shooting throughout her body to fade, Tara Reinke couldn't wipe the smile off her face on Monday.

She returned home to Gatton from the Australian National Powerlifting Championships, held in Melbourne over the weekend, with more accolades to her name after only taking up the sport at the start of the year.

The 18-year-old already held the Australian Women's Sub-Junior (72kg) record for deadlift, which she set at 157.5kg in April, but smashed her previous effort to set the new gold standard at 165kg.

She also set a new total record (squat, bench and deadlift combined) in her weight class, with 357.5kg now the weight to beat after her performance on the weekend.

The teenager also snagged the trophy for the best sub-junior women's lifter at the whole competition.

Reinke trains for at least two hours a night, six nights a week at the UQ Gatton gym and was proud all of her hard work and commitment had paid off.

"When you pull a new max that you've never lifted before at that next comp, you get so excited and everybody just screams for you straight away, you feel so good after, even though you're in pain,” Reinke said.

"It's mainly my back, especially sitting on the plane for a couple of hours, I had to get up all the time and move around... I'm not going to train for a couple of days now.”

Although she only picked up powerlifting this year, Reinke has been training since she was 13-years-old.

"I started lifting heavy in here and people were impressed by what I could lift at the start... and I did my first comp and I was hooked, it was so much fun,” she said.

"I came here six days a week for at least two hours, I normally started at 6pm and finish at 8pm, then just go home and eat heaps and sleep.

"Each day is either bench, deadlift or squat, so I train a different thing each day and keep it in rotation.”

She already has plans to keep achieving more with more competitions on the horizon.

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