The compact form of Acacia cognata, or Mini Cog, makes an ideal border or tub plant.
The compact form of Acacia cognata, or Mini Cog, makes an ideal border or tub plant.

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LOOKING for a small apple tree? Leprechaun is a compact, spur bearing dwarf Granny Smith apple variety that grows to about 2-2.5 metres tall by roughly one metre wide.

It produces full size, high quality Granny Smith apples. It also requires no pruning.

Leprechaun Dwarf Granny Smith is a true dwarf which means the tree is dwarfing - not the rootstock which is usually the case for other dwarfing apple trees.

What this means to you is that you will have a tree that is generally more robust and water efficient than other varieties that have been grafted onto a different rootstock.

Granny Smith apples originated in Australia and are a deciduous tree that produces a green, crisp-flesh, eating apple suitable for eating straight from the tree or cooking a lovely apple pie! Leprechaun occurred naturally as a branch on a Granny Smith apple tree.

Their spring flush of flowers will add life to your garden and bring the bees in to do their work.

They can handle slightly warmer climates than most apples.

All apples need pollinators. Leprechaun is partially self fertile, which means it will set small amounts of fruit without a pollinator - however it will benefit from cross pollination, which will result in more fruit setting on your plant. Pinkabelle is an ideal pollination partner as are Crab apples, Gala, Fuji and Red Delicious apple varieties.

Plant in well drained and well worked soil. Water well and keep soil moist until your tree is established.

Fertilise when planting and again after new growth appears. Extra potash will aid flowering and fruiting.

Mini Cog

A low growing compact form of Acacia cognata with light green new growth maturing to a rich emerald green.

Mini Cog makes a very good garden border, rockery feature or bank cover and makes an excellent tub plant.

Grows in full sun to dappled shade and is suited to most soil types as long as they are well drained.

Prefers a soil pH range of 4.5 to 6.5 but soil can range from quite acid to alkaline in pH levels.

It is important to have good soil preparation to gain the best results when planting natives.

This improves the water-holding capacity of the soil and once established, plants will have low water requirements.

Once established Mini Cog requires very little maintenance but responds well to tip pruning.

Will tolerate dry periods but will benefit from some watering.

For plants in tubs use a low phosphorous potting mix and apply a slow release native fertilizer once a year.


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