Swingers club causes a stir for nearby office workers

DRILLING in the hallway; road works outside the window; chatterboxes at the opposite desk - there are few things more annoying than noise distraction in the workplace.

But at one New York office building it's over-zealous sex parties causing a stir.

A swingers club has taken up residence in a Financial District building in the Big Apple - and the police are powerless to take action, according to the New York Post.

The Amsterdam Society, self-styled as "one part Ibiza style night club and one part playboy mansion", hosts "wild weekly events" on the third floor of 27 Cliff Street.

But the building is also home to tech companies and a financial research business, whose workers are outraged by their neighbours.

According to the Post, sources said that the NYPD raided the club on 19 September. However, because no money is passing hands in return for the sexual services being provided, the antics are not illegal and so there is nothing the police can do.

One worker told the publication: "We're worried about our reputation as a business. We want it out of here."

The head of a company that rents rooms in the building said: "It's infuriating and embarrassing for me, because I have our team and our employees in these conditions. It's horrible in every sense. We've had meetings and we've heard things."

The landlord said that The Amsterdam Society had claimed to be a video production company when it signed the lease. He has reportedly since filed a lawsuit to have them evicted.

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