WARNING: Distressing

A SOUTH Sudanese-Australian has launched a scathing attack on Aussie pollies after an alleged attacker hurled racist abuse at his family.

Dave F. Anei, from Brisbane, said his wife and children were followed home by a man who, he alleges, shouted obscenities at them.

The Queenslander then recorded two videos of the incident which have now been posted on Facebook.

One video shows a man at Mr Anei's door, threatening to rip it off its hinges and "rip [Anei's] f*****g head off".

"Do you want me to rip this screen door off and rip your f*****g head off bro?" says the man being filmed.

The alleged attacker can then be seen smashing the screen door and calling Anei a "snitch" for filming him.

The man can be seen bashing a screen door in the clip. Picture: Facebook/Dave F Anei
The man can be seen bashing a screen door in the clip. Picture: Facebook/Dave F Anei

In another clip, the man is seen taking his shirt off as he's asked to leave the property.

The man being filmed claims Mr Anei's "boys" have been "starting s**t" and carrying weapons. Mr Anei challenges him, asks him to identify the "boys", but the man is not able to as he doesn't know their names.

The clip shows how Mr Anei's attempts to calm man down, saying there's "no need for a problem".

However, the man, with a Kiwi accent, responds by saying he doesn't "give a f**k who your African boys are. Do you know who us Aussie c***s are?"

The man being filmed launches into a tirade about Australians being "warriors" and "rebels" - before the clip ends with, what looks like, the two men fighting in the front yard.

Along with the two clips, Mr Anei uploaded a statement onto his personal Facebook page - taking aim at Australian politicians.

"I hold the Prime Minister Malcolm Trumbull (sic) and his Minister's for Home Affairs Peter Dutton full responsibility for this racial attack on my family because they chose to be in the office to serve certain group of Australian communities NOT Australia as a whole country, their words was 'tackle this #Aficangang problem' and 'people are afraid to go out to restaurants at night'," he wrote.

Peter Dutton has been mocked for his comments on ‘African gangs’. Picture: Sky News
Peter Dutton has been mocked for his comments on ‘African gangs’. Picture: Sky News

"The guy was following my wife and 2 children. They were on their way back from childcare, likely I was at home to protect them.

"Congratulations Mr Prime Minister and your Minister Dutton, you've achieved to create division among the community but don't worry I taught him a very good lesson that he will never come across my property again, I'm capable of protecting my home."

Queensland Police have confirmed they were contacted by a man about 9pm last night and are investigating the incident. However, a spokesman for police told news.com.au that Mr Anei has not filed charges against the man.

The incident comes after a number of high-profile violent incidents across Melbourne in December were linked to "street gangs" by Victoria Police.

Mr Turnbull previously said the Government was "very concerned about the growing gang violence and lawlessness in Victoria", particularly in Melbourne, while Federal Minister Greg Hunt said African gang crime was "out of control".

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was mocked by Victorians online after he said that people in Melbourne were "scared to go out at restaurants" because of African gang violence.

He waded into the debate again today - telling 3AW that Victoria's "civil libertarian" judges are to blame for youth violence.

"If you're appointing civil libertarians to the Magistrates Court over a long period of time then you're going to get softer sentences," Mr Dutton told the station.

He refused to answer questions about whether Canberra would provide funding to help, after Victoria said money for migrant services had been repeatedly cut for years.

"Let's be very clear, I think Peter Dutton's comments were designed to be controversial and get a rise out of people," Victorian premier Daniel Andrews told reporters in Victoria yesterday.

"He's always welcome to come for dinner at many of the fine restaurants we have right across our state."

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