Jeanette Bourne.
Jeanette Bourne. Nev Madsen

Suburb unites to fight 'over the top' housing estate

RESIDENTS of Prince Henry Heights have unanimously voted to fight a proposal for a 40-lot housing estate on bushland at the edge of Charlmay St.

In the late afternoon sunlight, groups of people steadily made their way down the hill for a community meeting on the site of the proposed development yesterday, quickly swelling in number to more than 100.

The meeting heard the concerns of a number of residents, first of whom was Phil Collins, who called on Toowoomba Regional Council to retain the area as green space, describing the proposal as "over the top".

His wife, Sue, stressed the need for the community to write to and ring council to object.

While the development's land is zoned as "low density residential", and therefore code assessable, Mrs Collins said a council officer had told her "the weight of concerns will be of upmost importance".

Cr Anne Glasheen was present at the meeting, and while she was unable to talk about the proposal for fear of prejudicing her vote on the issue, said the council was to issue an "information request" to the developer, asking questions about the proponent's geotechnical and ecological reports, as well as the "built form" of the development, unit heights, and "bushfire hazards".

Bushfire was a common concern among residents, with most remembering the October 2002 blaze that threatened homes in the leafy suburb.

"It was absolutely chaotic," Jeanette Bourne said.

"At 12 midnight the flames were up to our top story. I would hate to see more people caught up in that sort of situation."

Geoff Thompson, after going through the development application, said "there seems to be some glaring errors in some of (the developer's) assumptions".  

The meeting closed with a unanimous show of hands opposing the development. 

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